River iq game

Do you have some free time on your hands and want to find something to stimulate your brain?

How To Solve First Six Levels Of River Crossing IQ Game

If yes, the Japanese IQ Test is a good game to consider. Many IQ tests cover these areas and they are always done in a certain amount of time. You could do a number of things to increase your IQ, such as reading, doing puzzles and even playing games.

The Japanese-based IQ test game is very popular right now. Of all these people, only the policeman and parents know about operating the raft and it is only built to hold two individuals at a time. While doing this test, the two sons cannot be left with the mother alone, the daughters cannot be left with father, and of course, the criminal has to stay in the presence of the policeman at all times. The goal is to get everyone to one section of the river onto the other side using the raft.

Where it gets complex is in the added set of rules about the persons who can stay on the river banks. It is said that a Japanese company designed this test specifically to assess the IQ of all potential employees.

This is especially true in the IT field in Japan where it is used by the companies when hiring people. Even though the test is challenging, one cannot help but wonder if this is just another urban legend or maybe another brain teaser that someone made up.

IQ Game Logic Game Online

You should really give this free IQ test a try if you are feeling smart. It is a version of the classic puzzles called River Crossing, but probably one of the most challenging that you will ever come across. Based on the feedback from others, it is said that a person of normal intelligence can solve it in fifteen minutes. When you are ready to start, you can click on the button below and then on the blue circle. After that, you would focus on how to get the people on as well as off the raft, plus how to get the raft going.

For this, you just have to click on the persons you want to cross on the raft. Once this is done, you would click on the lever beside the raft in order to move it cross the river. Now get ready to play the game to test out your intelligence and have a good time. A good recommendation is to measure the time from start to finish. You want to use your time properly and see how your score will measure up to the others.

Feel free to share this IQ test and your time with your family and friends.Your task is to help the characters in the game crossing the river in the most optimal way.

Diverse gameplay with many intellectual questions. How to safely put the characters crossing the river? The logical problem is extremely interesting. With simple graphics and easy interaction, River IQ will bring you a completely new experience on intellectual game series.

They must move across a river with only one boat carrying a maximum of 2 people. Help them move across the river, provided that husbands would not allow their wives to go with another man without their presence there. This game is really fun and really helps with problem solving! This game is keeping me engaged in solving puzzles.

I recommend everyone to try this.

river iq game

Now I am giving 5 star for their ideas about these puzzles. Seriously, this is a great mind challenge! So if you think your smart, give it a try! Requires iOS 8. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. App Store Preview. Screenshots iPhone iPad. Feb 9, Version 1. Ratings and Reviews See All. Information Seller Tiep Le. Size Category Games. Compatibility Requires iOS 8. Languages English. Price Free. App Support Privacy Policy.

Game Center Challenge friends and check leaderboards and achievements. Family Sharing With Family Sharing set up, up to six family members can use this app. Puzzle Logic Test. Connect Animal Pikagon.

Connect Animal Pikagon Classic. Connect Animal Pikagon Super.The best game ever brain damage on winphone store. How you can give the animals across the river in accordance with the requirements of the assignment Rich data. Regular updates. Very mind twisting game! Love to see more levels dev! Enjoying it! As compare to android very less level were given to windows phone. It become best if update is available soon.

A little buggy with the rating system. But the game is really fun. Expecting new levels because coming soon notice. Hope soon is soon. Its a very very good game but i am giving only one star because here is not the full game. Update the game and add all levels in the game like ios and android. Translate to English. Stay informed about special deals, the latest products, events, and more from Microsoft Store. Available to United States residents.

By clicking sign up, I agree that I would like information, tips, and offers about Microsoft Store and other Microsoft products and services. Privacy Statement. Skip to main content. River IQ. Official Club Wish list. See System Requirements.

Available on Mobile device. Description The best game ever brain damage on winphone store. Regular updates Show More.Using Google Chrome? You need to enable Adobe Flash Player. No installation is required, simply click on the jigsaw piece to the right side of the URL bar above, Manage, untick "Block sites from running Flash recommended ".

If you can't see the flash movie above, please download the latest flash plug-in from here.

river iq game

This is a popular Chinese IQ test. The objective is to get everyone to cross the river, but, with some rules. To begin click on the big blue circle on the bottom right. To move a person, click the person. To move the raft click on the pole on the opposite side of the river. Click here for a hint try the game first! Click here for the solution awww. Policeman and Thief 2. Policeman 3. Policeman and Son 4. Policeman and Thief 5. Father and Son 6. Father 7. Mother and Father 8. Mother 9. Father Mother and Father Mother Mother and Daughter Policeman and Thief Policeman and Daughter Policeman Policeman and Crook.

Page: Prev 1 2 Next Show All. Click Agree to Terms, click object. Click get files. Now select the link below and right click and the save targer as No B. KatieMiller 1 posts. Why can't you leave the mother with sons and not father?

Because she would beat them? Surely the policemen wouldn't stand for that if we left him there???The River IQ Game is a puzzle that is designed to test your mental resolve and problem-solving abilities.

river iq game

Initially given to job applicants in China, the River IQ Test was meant to screen intelligent job applicants from those with average or below average intelligence. You might consider the puzzle to be fun, and it is hard to imagine someone in China risking their promotion or job on this test.

The River IQ Test has three basic rules, and there are only two ways to solve it. In this test, there are three groups of people on one side of a river. In one group, there are two daughters with their mother. In another group, there are two boys with their father.

In the last team, there is a prisoner with a policeman. As a rule, the only people that can operate the raft are the father, the mother, and the policeman. The father cannot be with the daughters without the mother present, and the mother cannot be left with the sons without the father present. Besides, the prisoner cannot be left with any family member, without the policeman present. The raft will only transport two people at a time, and one person that can operate the boat the policeman, the father, and the mother is required to take the raft across the river from one side to another.

As you can imagine, this is a complex problem that first requires you to analyze the problem before starting on solving it. Although the solution is simple, the Chinese would time a job applicant at how long it took them to complete the puzzle.

river iq game

Typically, most highly intelligent people can solve the problem in five minutes or less. If you want to try and solve the River IQ Game without first reading the solution, stop reading now. Otherwise, continue to read this article to find out how to solve the River IQ Game. The solution requires the use of the policeman and the prisoner since these are the only two that can travel across the river first, without breaking any other rules.

Without further delay, here is the solution to the River IQ Game:. The policeman takes the prisoner across the river to the other side, leaving the prisoner behind. The policeman then takes a son across the river, returning with the prisoner. The father takes the last son across the river, returning by himself. At this point, both sons are across the river. The mother, the two daughters, the father, the policeman, and the prisoner are all on the first side of the river. The father and the mother cross the river, with the mother returning.

The policeman and the prisoner cross the river, with the father now returning. At this point, the father, the mother, and the two daughters are on the first side of the river. The policeman, the prisoner, and the two sons are on the second side. The father and the mother cross the river together, with the mother returning back. At this point, the mother and the two daughters are on the first side of the river.

The mother takes one daughter across the river, and the policeman and the prisoner return back. The policeman takes the final daughter across, returning back to the first side.

Finally, the policeman takes the prisoner across. Now, everyone is on the second side of the river. As you can see, the River IQ Game is not easy to solve, especially if you are timed. However, if you realize that the policeman and the prisoner are the keys to solving this puzzle, the solution will reveal itself given enough time.

We find value in differences between learning, interpreting and overall opinions. Please share your thoughts freely about this topic, but always remain respectful.The game was designed to learn and at the same time have fun solving it. I believe puzzle and mind games are not loved by everyone. Best Gaming Android Phones. Here is first six levels, also see second six levels of River Crossing IQ Game Join gaming discussion board community.

There are more levels, many people think this game has only fix levels and no option to select any other level. More levels appear after solving them. How to solve River Crossing IQ just to bring interest on solving. Most people give up without trying. When unable to solve they put negative comments on game review and post reply. Logic 1: Help the man on the boat move Wolf, Sheep and Cabbage across the river.

Each move attaches to only one animal or object, when the man is not nearby, the Wolf will eat the Sheep, and the Sheep will eat the Cabbage. Step 1: Take the Sheep first and back. Step 2: Pick Wolf and drop across the river.

Sail back with the Sheep. Step 3: Drop the Sheep and take the Cabbage. Step 4: Back alone and take the Sheep. Logic 2: Take a mother and 5 sons across the river. Knowing that the boat can carry up to 3 people, only the mother can sail. When the mother is absent, 1-year-old older or younger kids will fight the other. Solution: Here boat can carry up to 3 people and one will be always on the boat with two kids at a time.

Cannot leave kids who are 1-year-old older or younger. Means,will fight when the mother is absent. Let first shore is A and second is B. Step 1: Take 7 and 9 first and drop 9 to the shore B.

Mother back with 7.

River Crossing Ultimate - How to solve chapter 6 (River IQ Crossing Logic 5)

Step 2: Drop 7 on shore A. Pick 6 and 8 to shore B, back with 9. Step 3: Pick 10 to shore B. Step 4: Now pick 7 and 9 from shore A to Shore B.

Logic 3: Help the man on the boat move Sheep, Buffalo and Tiger across the river. Each move attaches to only one animal, when the man is not nearby, the tiger will eat the Sheep and 2 Tiger will eat 1 Buffalo. Solution: One animal at a time. Step 1: Take Sheep first to shore B and back alone. Step 3: Take another Tiger from shore A to shore B and back alone.

Step 6: Take Buffalo from shore A to shore B. Back alone to shore A. Logic 4: Help the 3 Cannibals and 3 Missionaries move to the other side of the lake. If the number of Cannibals is larger than the number of Missionaries on either side of the lake, the Missionaries will be eaten. Solution: Number of Cannibals and Missionaries should be equal or number of Missionaries could be greater than the number of Cannibals.What does this mean for me?

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